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21 Year Old Miami Beach Man Shot & Killed At Baptism After 5 Beasties Try To Fight A S-I-M-P!

21 Year Old Miami Beach Man Shot & Killed At Baptism After 5 Beasties Try To Fight A S-I-M-P!

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North Miami Beach Man Fatally Shot After Fight Over Utensils Breaks Out at Baptism Party

Victim Wilson Alexis, 21, was shot after he tried to break up the fight.

Black men, we have no one to blame at this point but ourselves! We have to do better than this because it is quickly becoming obvious that we have no one on our side!

No one wants to see us thrive, not even ourselves! This boy lost his life trying to help people who were too hood to not be having a baptism at 4 am!

To not have to put their event on TAG so everyone fool can show up! Remember, I have a daughter who does dance, now have I ever just randomly posted where the event was?

Yet these people did it for their home!


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A 21-year-old man was fatally shot as he tried to break up a fight over food and utensils at a baptism party for a 5-month-old in North Miami Beach, police said.

The shooting happened early Sunday morning at 15880 NE 15 Avenue when a group of uninvited guests showed up after the party was announced on social media site TAGGED, according to North Miami Beach Police. Those who showed up had no ties to the family, police said.

An argument started between one of the uninvited guests and a kitchen helper over the lack of utensils and food, so the homeowner told everyone to leave.

Police said they were originally called to the scene at 4:07 a.m. regarding a fight, but the call escalated into a shooting as officers were on their way.

Four to five women started to physically fight with one of the men, so Wilson Alexis tried to intervene, police said. At some point, two shots were fired and one of them struck Wilson Alexis, according to police.

He was taken to Ryder Trauma Center where he later died.

“Something so insignificant turned into someone getting killed,” Thomas Carney, North Miami Beach Director of Police Services, told the Miami Herald. “It’s really sad.”

According to the newspaper, Alexis left his North Miami Beach home after 10 p.m. and said a friend was picking him up to go to a party.

“He was a good boy; he never got in trouble,” the victim’s father, Francoeur Alexis, told the Herald.


Of the estimated 100 partygoers, only 18 to 20 stayed behind for police questioning, so detectives are still trying to figure out what happened.

“Someone needs to get caught,” Francoeur Alexis told the newspaper. “My son didn’t deserve this.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the North Miami Beach Police Department at 305-NMB-POLICE or 305-662-765423 or Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.