4 Year Old Girl Starved To Death & Tied To The Bed By Jump Ropes By Her Black Momma!

Brother, 5, of girl who was starved to death by mother, brought food to her funeral ‘so his sister could eat in heaven’ Marchella, 4, was beaten and starved in front of her elder brother Tymel by their mother ‘Monster

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9-24-13 – Why Blacks Don’t Support Black Owned Businesses? w/ Tim Alexander

In Tonights show we will start off answering any and every  question you have of either one of is so just call in at 347-989-8310 We will be joined by Darlene Ortiz, The original VIDEO VIXEN! We will also be

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9/20/13 – What Are The Biggest Lies You Have Ever Been Told In A Relationship? w/ Darlene Ortiz (The Original Video Vixen)

Just In Case You Missed It!! Part 2...

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Tennessee Red Lobster Waitress Has A White Couple Call Her A N*gger As A Tip!

Tennessee Red Lobster Waitress Gets Handwritten Tip: ‘None, N*gger’ by Furious on September 9, 2013 in News See Tommys Video Below The New Civil Rights Movement – A nursing student working few days a week in a Nashville, Tennessee Red Lobster says she was surprised

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Media Claims Tommy Sotomayors Condo Is Where Lamar Odom Is Getting High!

Lamar Odom’s Drug Den Exposed!!! Tommy Sotomayor Says:  WTF, OK so people find out where I stay, seem me with him, then watch me do a video from the roof looking high and now all of a sudden this is

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